Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beans, clothes, & pom poms

Little Man has graduated to whole milk & table food. He really loves food especially beans. Baked beans, green beans, black beans - he "tears it up" when they hit the tray. (Gotta love Daddy quotes!) Here is our bean boy.
 His next stop was the bathtub.

Clothes are always a problem around our house. They are everywhere. It's embarrasing how many clothes we have.  I truly love going to the children's consignment sales for the kids. It is so fun to buy their wardrobe at a great price.  This year my goal has been to buy less. Just gotta control myself tomorrow when everything is half-off tomorrow at Another Child's Treasure. Been working on changing out all our clothes for the season.

It really helps to have cheerleaders to keep me on track!

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