Monday, November 14, 2011

the past week in review

The girls helped me decorate the door for Thanksgiving. Thanks Gigi for finding the elusive Thanksgiving door decor.

We received the sad news this past week of two wonderful and much loved people who passed away. It hurts to know that we won't see them anymore now, but it is a comfort to know the day will come when we will see them both again.  It really makes you realize how true it is that every day is a gift.  There is so much to give thanks for in life.

 The girls went to get snow cones at Kaliedo Snow another day. The many flavors made it super hard for them to decide. Greg attempted to teach them to play Connect 4. These girls thought filling all the slots with different colors and watching them drop was the best game ever. Good try though Greggo!  Shepherd was highly entertained by watching and grabbing any pieces that landed his way. 

We took the girls out to fly kites on Thursday. Greg and I busted out into Mary Poppins "Let's Go Fly a Kite" on the way. I'm not sure the girls quite got it, but they thought it was fun and funny to hear us singing. We had a windy and sunny day to play at Berry in the big field.  Flying kites quickly turned into dragging kites. Things didn't quite go as plannned! Both kites crash landed and broke apart, but that didn't stop them.  We had loads of laughs and the girls had so much fun. I can't imagine how great it will be when they really get to fly one.

Santa Claus came to the mall and we went to see him come in with his reindeer.  We got there early to get our goody bag.  Ella entertained herself in line by finding the most beautiful leaves that had fallen.

 Ironically, we missed Santa coming in due to the fact that he took an alternate route to his chair this year, but the magic of just seeing him there was enough to satisfy the girls.  We all got to ride the carousel  together before we left.

Shepherd hit a huge milestone over the weekend. He took his first steps to Paw Paw!  Those adorable wobbly first shuffle steps always melt my heart. So proud of my little man!

There you have it... the past week in review.

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  1. Love the post & pics - so happy about Shepherd's latest accomplishment!