Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fair Rides

Ella and Skyler rushed to the little car ride and hopped in a perfectly sporty pink one. They managed to strap in and grab the wheels for a fun ride. Then came the loud sounds of air and clicking of gears for the ride to work. In an instant, fear and tears combined. Thinking all we needed was the ride to start and the fun would begin we left Ella on there. The crying did stop once the ride began, but no fun followed. Each round she gave us looks that could kill. Without saying a word, she let us know she was VERY angry that we made her ride this one while Skyler waved from the fence. Once it was over, we swiftly grabbed her for a hug. She cried so hard telling us she did not want to ride the cars and was scared that we made her. We thought to ourselves the same thing you are - we are AWFUL parents putting her through that just for a ride. Kids don't have to like fair rides if they simple don't. We had pushed too far. We promised her that would not happen again. We would not make her ride anything if she did not want to. It was time for some good fair food, so we quickly changed gears to find a "happy place".  

A little while later, this happened

Our terrified little girl transformed into a dare-devil! Who was this child?  She was going in the fun house, sliding down the huge slide a few stories tall (both with me), riding the kiddie coaster solo, and having a ball on the kids free-fall! Suddenly, we were okay parents after all...

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